Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Still think the swine flu was just media hype? - first NYer dies, more schools closed (and why are so many of the affected schools in Queens?) [NYT]

    The Beatrice Inn's neighbors REALLY don't want to see it come back, and have added to the vandalism that has plagued the spot since its forced closure last month [Eater]

    For those of us New Yorkers who obstinately hold onto their cars, keep an eye on this parking experiment in Brooklyn [NYDN]

    A look under the heads of the Xylofolks (the furry musicians you're seeing everywhere across the city) [Gothamist]

    A Bloomberg panel of experts weighs in with suggestions for Coney Island, with one controversial idea of a more centralized management/ownership model [BrooklynPaper]