Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Adam Lambert's loss is a Red State flyover country victory against "change" which throws the entire US political calculus off - or it's just a silly contest, you decide  [DailyBeast]

    The swine flu has closed over thirty schools now, scientists think children are more susceptible to this strain, so stay away from the swarms of kids that have been released to our streets! [NYT]

    Nordstrom (okay, the Rack discount outlet) may finally be coming to New York City, in Union Square [WWD]

    Wow, a somewhat realistic plan for Ground Zero rebuilding - do it in stages, rising into the air as Lower Manhattan's space needs grow [NYPost]

    Kate Moss' newest collection for Topshop hits stores/web tomorrow - avoid lower Broadway tomorrow AM I guess [Fashionologie]