Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by guestofaguest · May 22, 2009

    Rob Pattinson, of Twilight heartthrob fame, auctions off $28,000 kisses.  Whew.  There are plenty of girls who would probably pay that and more to have Edward Cullen suck the blood from their necks, aka pay to be given a huge, fat hickey [US]

    Seriously Though, Republicans Are Hotter (like the Facebook group says!)...if Meghan McCain is any indication.  Anything else is entirely subjective [NYT]

    Something to chew on: Disney is set to produce a feature adaptation of the "Bazooka Joe" comic strips that come printed on the wrappers of popular Bazooka bubble gum [Observer]

    Here are the projected sounds of summer that will have you rocking out in your car, in the clubs, and on the beach this year [NYMag]

    Olivia Palermo is almost ready to start her fake job at Elle. We can't wait to see the fake fights, and the fake job tasks they are going to throw at her in the name of REALity TV [WWD]