Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by KENDRA SEAY · May 27, 2009

    This year, Sesame Street turns forty and these top 10 S.S. moments will make you want to head straight back to your far away days of childhood when watching Bert, Ernie, Elmo, and Big Bird were the highlights of your day [Jezebel]

    The Starbucks bombers are still on the loose. Actually, police officials have absolutely zero leads so keep an eye out for suspicious behavior while ordering your iced-double-soy-skinny-no whip-mocha-frappucino. [ANIMAL]

    The Ferris Bueller House is for sale! "If we all chip in $5, we might be able to buy this house in 10 years"...Brilliant idea.[Grain Edit]

    An acrobatic subway dance troupe found time during their J Train routine to beat up a passenger. Who knew dancers were so multi-talented. [NY Mag]

    Does your neighborhood bar include the likes of Above Allen or the Cooper Square Hotel? If so, you might be included in the group of angry New Yorkers who are becoming fast friends with the noise police [Eater]