Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by EVAN MULVIHILL · June 3, 2009

    28 new places to eat, drink, and converse opened up this month in NYC despite the recession, down from last month's 39 [Eater NY]

    Just when you thought Brüno (a character played by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen) couldn't get any more ridonkulous -- how can you top sitting on Eminem's lap at the MTV Movies Awards and asking "Is the real Slim Shady about to stand up?" -- Brüno gets more ridonkulous in the July issue of Marie Claire [The Cut]

    A drunk Ashlee Simpson cursed out Michelle Trachtenberg, an ex of her husband (and father of her child, Bronx) Pete Wentz, WHILE giving Wentz a lap dance. Then she attacked Michelle. Is it bad that we're not surprised? [Perez Hilton]

    Wanna know what your favorite sports teams were almost called? As usual, the Canadians have the wackiest ones, like the Toronto Tarantulas and the Vancouver Mounties [WSJ]

    "I think it's kind of like Starbucks meets Hooters": Baristas strip down to the bare essentials to draw that special type of loyal customer in a SoCal Vietnamese neighborhood [USA Today]