Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Utah man withdraws 85k for "a mission to kill the president of the United States".  Authorities understandably want to have a chat with him [CNN]

    Daniel Boulud's new bar is open! We can't wait to hop down the street to check it out after work! [Eater]

    Ah Venice! The Biennale is going strong in La Serenissima. While we can't be there, we still want to bring you a party report or two. [Daily Beast]

    How desperate can you get to be on a reality show?  Try giving Sebastian Bach a lapdance in the middle of the traffic island at the corner of 23rd and 5th (with something hanging out of your undies) [NYPress]

    He's tired of answering questions about his sexuality. No, not Adam Lambert (holding hands with your boyfriend kinda gives it away), we're talking about Simon Van Kempen [US]

    While waiting for that third quarter recovery, it's nice to have a handy guide to the bars with free food [TONY]