Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Have you been Facesquatting? [Valleywag]

    And so the succession cycle of NYC nightlife continues - The Plumm is really gone, the space to be taken over by the 10ak guys [NYP]

    With so many "successful" neighborhood redevelopments by private interests (like Atlantic Yards, oh wait no, that's not a success!) Mayor Bloomberg plans to give away control to more land. Thanks, but we have enough collapsed building here in Chinatown [LostCity]

    David Carr and Rachel Sklar talk about media, the NYT specifically - at least that's how it started; see where it goes, why don't we? [DailyBeast]

    Your Brooklyn flea market options just got better, as a new branch of the original Fort Greene outpost opened in Dumbo [Racked]