Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by EVAN MULVIHILL · June 17, 2009

    Friend of GofG Malcolm Harris hung up on Angelina Jolie three times last week after she called to order three of his designer dresses. Not to be rude, but because he thought it was a prankster impersonating the huge star! [Page Six]

    Apparently Bill Clinton didn't get a lapdance from some Argentinian Big Brother contestant in Buenos Aires... but what about fellatio? [WashPo]

    A political scheduler named Elizabeth Becton demands not to be called Liz in an amazingly lengthy email exchange between her and some unfortunate soul. You guys can call me Ev, though, I don't care [Politico]

    Lindsay Lohan posts topless pics to Twitter. Millions of teens expected to follow suit [NY Daily News]

    Real Housewives of New Jersey goes out with a bang, bang meaning a catfight and not an actual explosion. The show hasn't been signed for a second season [FoxNews]