Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Some people just NEED a piece of their favorite movie star, even if it is just a pair of sneakers - Leo DiCaprio has to walk out of Japanese temple in his socks [NYP]

    We may need to equip our stalker contributors with netbooks, so they too can shove a plug for our media outlet into pictures with the Gossip Girl cast... [Blackbook]

    In the grand Microsoft tradition of co-opting rivals' innovation, a guide to Facebook's Twitterish additions [Huffpost]

    The Broadway pedestrian malls are just the beginning - in August (and in Billyburg, this week) the city's Summer Streets closures will return [Gothamist]

    Counting the days until all those schoolkids get off your block and go to camp?  Think again, the swine flu may keep them all home to avoid the crazy precautions they will have to endure [NYT]