"Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best..."

by SARAH MANDATO · July 10, 2009

    "It's a wonder people are even speaking to one another these days," begins a nation-wide photo call of pictures snapped with cell phones, the results of which reveal some very impressive skills for capturing a moment, or a giant hot dog. [NYT]

    Speaking of...a picture is worth 1,000 words, and oh how photos can lie: check out the click-by-click exonerating Mr. President from a wandering eye accusation, then spend minutes thinking about how ridiculous this all is in a post-Clinton (Mr., not Hil - she's so not affair material) world. [Gawker]

    A public, tempers-flared love triangle? Yes! We love fodder from the gossip mill for poolside chatter. Not that we pay attention to this sort of thing. [NYPost]

    People suddenly care about Banana Republic? The clothier is teaming up with Mad Men and will actually display teasers of the upcoming season in its windows. We would go anywhere for John Hamm (serious), and way worse than business casual. [Racked]

    Wearing a costume in Times Square is a crime? Apparently, and we'll proudly support that law if it leads to the hysterical superman-tackling debacle that took place, yesterday. Does this affect the Naked Cowboy? [DailyIntel]

    Roadside gourmet gets an addition to the family with the Van Leeuwen ice cream cart, finally snuggling up to the curb after the late arrival of warm weather. [GrubStreet]