Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by SARAH MANDATO · August 4, 2009

    A study finds that masks seem to protect against swine flu. Unfortunately, they make you look ridiculous. [CNN]

    Four women, including the victim's wife, take bizarre revenge on a philanderer. It involves glue and sensitive areas, and it is seriously nuts. No pun intended. [NYPost]

    New restaurant Joseph Leonard opens today in the West Village. Thank goodness. There's like, nowhere to eat in the village. [Mokoyfman]

    Sex and the City 2 casting already draws a long line. Conversation frenzy over, "Which girl are you?!" [Racked]

    Hotter people are found to have better jobs and bigger paychecks. It's like the New York version of a meritocracy. L.A. is digging this system, too. [Globe]

    Comedian Chelsea Handler rumored to be the worst boss ever. That's weird, she seems so sweet on t.v... [EOnline]

    Internetters gather to celebrate the coolness of getting paid, and to feel superior to those who do not get paid. That sounds lovely. [YoungManhattanite]

    Starbucks takes efforts to increase worker productivity. Maybe they can ask workers to stop chatting when they should be taking orders. Just a thought. [WSJ]