Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best

by EVAN MULVIHILL · August 5, 2009

    A Hollywood-made millionaire is paying the $200,000 cost of Bill Clinton's heroic journalist-saving flight to North Korea. Hopefully some of that went to a fabulous dinner at whatever the Nobu of Pyongyang is, and maybe a trip to the strip club afterward. Even Hillary knows he deserves it. [ABC]

    Sam Sifton to replace Frank Bruni as official New York Times food critic. He previously served as the august paper's Culture Editor. [Observer]

    If you thought Ryan O'Neal was the creepiest dad this side of Hulk Hogan, it comes out that he might just be the worst dad ever: he's been accused of giving his son cocaine at the age of 11. [NYDN]

    More Vanessa Hudgens nakie pics? Michael K's take: "Yes, Vanessa Hudgens does this sort of thing, but how else is she supposed to pass her time while Zac Efron spends hours in the bathroom partaking in a little bronzer bukkake?" [DListed]

    Joseph Leonard, Gabriel Stulman's new restaurant, opened yesterday in the West Village, and we grabbed a copy of the menu for you! [Eater]

    At long last, Leighton Meester has denied the existence of her sex tape. Also in this September's Harper's Bazaar: Meester gets Photoshopped to look older. [E!]