Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by SARAH MANDATO · August 27, 2009

    "Southland" filming delayed. OMG - is Ryan in turmoil over Marissa's death, still? [NYMag]

    Kate Moss for Topshop fall collection looks. Summer's over, all two weeks of it. [Refinery29]

    People harbor brow envy for Ashley Olsen. Interesting that eyebrows induce jealousy over wealth, beauty, celebrity... [Glamour]

    Lesbian "Top Chef" contestant angry over gay marriage during bachelorette challenge. To think that being a chef means having to cater events. Outrage! [EOnline]

    Court says Major League Baseball drug list shall be returned to the Union. Dealers are often the best people to regulate drug use. [MH]