Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by SARAH MANDATO · September 8, 2009

    Shoe man bites the hand, as Manolo Blahnik declares himself to be anti Sex and the City. [ONTD]

    A visit with Oliver Stone as production begins on the sequel to "Wall Street." Greed is so much more palatable when it takes place in the movie world. In the world, world; not so much. [NYT]

    15 year old accidentally shoots himself in the penis, limps home to tell his mother. [NYP]

    Obama's speech to school children released. Lots of surprises before, "Have fun at lunch!" [HuffPo]

    Matt Damon enjoys getting fat. Yes, we'd imagine the getting fat is a treat. It's the being fat that sucks. [People]

    Girls Gone Wild's Joe Francis sued over unpaid construction costs for work done to his home. Karma apparently the father of two teenage daughters. [TMZ]