Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by SARAH MANDATO · December 2, 2009

    Tiger Woods leaves ex girlfriend message, asking her to remove her own name from answering machine in case his wife calls. She kindly released the tape. [UsWeekly]

    James Franco's little brother to star on the revamped "Scrubs" series. [EOnline]

    Following a legal tiff, Pink Elephant now just "Pink." Hey, if Diddy did it without issue, so can they. [NYDN]

    Blake Lively SNL promo. [NBC]

    Before you tell your mom nudie pics will surface, it's nice to send flowers. That's what Rihanna did. [People]

    The latest crazed female on the prowl? Forget the cougar, beware the cheetah! [Observer]