Is This A Joke? Comedian Given $1 Million Simply By Asking For It?

by Mara Siegler · January 20, 2011

    A comedian who made a YouTube video of himself asking for $1 million dollars has received his request. This smacks of bullshit and could be discounted if on But...could it be?

    The story's being reported by the NYDN, a legitimate paper that researches, fact checks and does other journalismy things to ensure what's printed is true.

    Brooklynite Craig Rowin asked for the million for "nothing specific," except that it would "be awesome." He even asked specific people like Lady Gaga, Gary Busey, the Chilean Miners, Al Roker,  Nelson Mandela, James Van Der Beek, Susan Boyle, Willow Smith and the kid from "Jerry Maguire" if they would act as sugar mamas and daddies and personally reach into their wallets for him.

    And while they didn't, somebody did. In a new video Craig purports that an unknown benefactor decided that handing him money for no reason would be an excellent idea. "Hi Craig, Benjamin, I was hoping to catch you in person," the generous mystery man says in a voice mail. "I want to talk about how to make you a millionaire."

    The money and donor will be presented at Craig's show at UCB on Feb, 2, ensuring his comedy act will be a sell out. But he insists this isn't a gimmick or a stunt. "It still hasn't sunk in yet," he told the Daily News. "Do I deserve it? I have no idea. Maybe not. But there's so much wealth. Let me have a chunk."

    Do you buy it? Craig actually made a few videos and even went on the news in Alabama, so it's possible a crazy eccentric man of affluence decided this would add some excitement to his boring and monotonous life of attending benefits, eating caviar, wearing a monocle and doing other stereotypical rich guy things. I'm not so sure though.

    Video One: Begging For Dollar, Dollar Bills From Individuals

    Video 2: Asking Corporations To Cough It Up

    Video3: Getting Mad Loot

    For the record I would like a billion dollars, but if someone wants to buy me lunch I'd be really grateful.