Meet Nate, The Man Who Created A Dating Website Dedicated To Himself

by Millie Moore · August 24, 2017

    Online dating is the worst. Those dating apps are basically mail order bride express, and how much longer do we have to deal with swiping left on guys with shirtless gym selfies? That's one of many profiles that deserves an automatic left swipe! And even if we hit gold and match with a seemingly normal dude, we have pleasant small talk until he abruptly kills the mood to ask us, "What's the craziest thing you've ever done?" or, even worse, somehow make a cute story you have about your childhood dog into an opportunity to talk about the time he hooked up with a girl who has a tongue piercing. How, HOW can it get any worse?

    Nate Rifkin makes it worse. But it's okay, because he probably doesn't want to date you anyway. And he will remind you incessantly throughout the journey that is his dating website. 

    Nate thinks he's above the 400 character limit that dating bios suffocate us with, so he decided to created an entire website called "Should You Date Nate?" But he doesn't just think he's above dating apps, he thinks he's above everything. 

    But who is Nate, exactly? That's quite the question with an extremely loaded answer. 

    Nate's a thriving entrepreneur living out in Denver. He's 6'4 and not exactly bad looking. He's health conscious and passionate about his job. That could easily be summed up in a quick dating profile, and he would be considered a catch. But where in his bio would he mention that he made so much money so fast after he dropped out of college that it actually scared him? Or that he only prefers skinny chicks that are between the ages of 22 and 35 who are libertarian, intelligent, and spiritual? And how would he include this video? Yes. He has a video. Because of course he does. 

    Wow. Just wow. 

    And just so we're clear, guys think it's intense when girls expect a text back or an answer on where the relationship is headed after six weeks of dating, whereas we have to draw the line at dear old Nate's antics. That makes total sense. What a level playing field. 

    Look, we're not calling Nate crazy or a loser here at all. If you can honestly say that you haven't embarrassed yourself while dating, you're either lying or you just haven't put yourself out there enough. Like, no one is born with perfect dating skills and has never made some sort of mortifying faux pas during this agonizing process. Obviously nothing you've ever done has gone this viral, but you kind of have to have a little empathy for the guy, right? Even people like Nate deserve love - he's just pretty extreme about the whole thing. Like, leave some stuff to the imagination and don't be so transparent before you even meet the girl, ya know? Maybe it's not us ladies that need to do more so that we can date you, Nate. It's you who needs to do less. 

    [Photo via ShouldYouDateNate]