The Business Guy And The Trashy Tenjune Waitress

by guestofaguest · November 19, 2007

    Ruff! Stanley here...wanted to share this away message from a friend's Facebook profile:


    I have to agree, those parents are gonna be pretty disapointed about the prospect of having a trashy Tenjune waitress as a daughter in-law. Now if she was a bottle girl from Marquee, that's a different story entirely! The parents would most certainly approve of such a union.

    Perhaps the most annoying thing about bottle service is not the 300% markup or the automatic 20% tip, but rather seeing "business guys" futile attempts at trying to pick up their table waitress with painfully tortured game (meanwhile thinking they are hot shit the whole time for throwing down money). Me and my homies don't need bottles to pick up the babes. ruff!