The Newest Way To Clog Up My Facebook Mini-Feed: "Mr. Men & Little Miss" Tagging

by DASHA BRIL · March 2, 2009

    First there was the 25 Things About Me Phenomenon, which launched its own New York Times trend-piece and a writeup in pretty much every online media outlet out there. But the Facebook meme Gods just couldn't stop there, could they? No, not when there existed another way to inundate one's friends with tags and launch a domino effect of re-posting and re-tagging ad infinitum. Enter the "Tag Your Friends As A Mr. Men or Little Miss Character" (official name TBD) meme of the week. More story below...

    The conceit is quite simple. You are given a cutesy smattering of 28 characters with titles like "The Stylish One," "The Gangster," "The Drama Queen," "The One That's Up To No Good," and so on. Your job is to tag 28 friends according to the label that best suits them and allow hilarity to ensue (presumably). Look... I get it. I loved the original Mr. Men and Little Miss books as kid and I may have even sported a Little Miss Naughty baby tee in 5th grade (so what?!). I get that it might bring a smile to your face to identify with an adorable little blob and learn that your Facebook friend considers you "The Tiny Dangerous One." But please... I like to see your real, bright, shining face when I look at tagged photos of you. And what happens when two people in the same group of friends both post and tag this smorgasboard? Do the tag-ees then compare notes on which Little Miss identity they prefer? It's just too much, people. Can we please curb this one before the Times has a chance to get on it?