When Facebook Becomes A Part Of Your Job Description

by SARAH JAFFE · June 12, 2008

    Bill Bradley Vanity Fair[Image via Vanity Fair]

    Its clear that the Internet has become a crucial missing piece to that complicated puzzle we all know as life. However, when Facebook becomes an vastly integrated part of the puzzle, its time to question just how far trapped in the net we truly are. Bill Bradley, editorial assistant of Vanity fair (as of only 6 weeks ago), was already given the strange nail biting task to pull 10,000 fans to Vanity Fair’s Facebook page by August 5th.

    With this deadline right around the corner Bill should have immediately gotten down to business, yet unfortunately has chosen the route of procrastination (that beastly character we here know all too well). As of June 2nd 2008 Vanity Fair had 781 Facebook fans... leaving Bill to find 9,219 more!

    In Vanity Fair's Daily article about Bill he questions just how much integrity he is willing to lose in order to save his job. What is he to do with this not so distant date looming over him?