The Jimmy's 1 Year Anniversary With Guest Of A Guest

by Barbara Russ · February 8, 2012

    Go HERE and HERE for more pictures by Marielle Sales and Daniel Reynolds tag yourself and your friends!

    Last night, the Jimmy at the James Hotel celebrated its first birthday. The Guest of a Guest team joined the festivities and spent a night high above the rooftops of New York.

    With a stunning view and beats by DJ Cato, as well as free drinks for the guests, the venue created a worthy celebration for its anniversary - and attracted many notable guests, among them Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Rex Sorgatz, Greg Littley, Nell Diamond, Peter Feld, Chelsea Burcz, Courtney McGowan, Molly Harrington,  Rachel Herman, Samantha Hui, and, of course, the Team of the Jimmy, including Larry Poston.

    Nicky Digital was also there snapping photos and printing them out for guests to take home.

    [Rex Sorgatz]

    [Chelsea Burcz, Courtney McGowan] [Rachel Herman, Molly Harrington]

    [Samantha Hui, Molly Harrington] [Randolph Frazier, Daniel Reynolds]

    [Middle: Peter Feld]

    [Daniel Reynolds, Randolph Frazier] [Blakely Thornton, Sebastian Slayter, Chelsea Burcz, Cameron Winklevoss]

    [Allison Stephens, Marcus Stewart]

    [Marielle Sales, Blakely Thornton] [Gabe Ulla, Sebastian Slayter]

    [Barbara Russ, Chelsea Burcz, Rachel Herman, Molly Harrington]

    [Tyler Winklevoss, Cameron Winklevoss]

    [Larry Poston]

    [Barbara Russ, Marcus Stewart, Kathleen Osland]

    [Larry Poston (in suspenders); far right: Nell Diamond]