The R20s Group Launches At Hudson Terrace

by Chiara Atik · January 14, 2010

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    Hudson Terrace was packed with recent college graduates last night, as the first event of the new R20s Group, a networking group for grads of "prestigious universities". (Translation: Not exclusive to Ivys, so graduates of Stanford, East Coast Liberal Arts Colleges, and MIT probably also welcome. But state school grads might be out of luck on this one.)


    The group is also open to current grad students ages 21-29 (so if you're 30 and dragging your feet on your Masters Thesis, this group is NOT for you!)

    The evening features music, cocktails, swag bags, and most importantly, networking opportunities for the brave souls who graduated into one of the worst financial climates in recent history. For more information on future events, follow the R20s Group on Twitter, @TheR20sGroup.