Tiger Woods Checks Into Poshest Sex Rehab Clinic Ever

by BILLY GRAY · January 13, 2010

    Stars, they're just not like us. First Roman Polanski's sex scandal landed him on house arrest in freaking Gstaad. Now, Tiger Woods is seeking treatment for sex and Ambien addictions (shouldn't those two cancel each other out?) in this gorgeous Arizona clinic's padded white rooms. More pics below...

    In addition to addict group sessions at the Meadows Rehabilitation Clinic (I guess all of these rehab centers sound like gated communities to assuage brutal detoxification?), Tiger can get over his latest sponsor breakup: GM has joined Gatorade, Accenture, Tag Heuer and AT&T (his loss, Luke Wilson's,..gain?) in dumping the troubled golfer.

    Anyway, here are more pics (courtesy of Zimbio) of Woods' latest humble and humbling abode: