A Kerfluffle At The Tents Causes Some Name Drop Sparring

by guestofaguest · September 15, 2009

    YES! It's about time there is a tent tiff. Nothing goes hand in hand with bringing together the city's front row seated than having egos go to bat for a good old fashion spat. Well, a tipster tells us that this lovely type of entertainment just went down at Bryant Park, and of course we had to share the love. Some name drop sparring? We're embarrassed for you, but we also love hearing about it. Thanks tipster, and keep 'em coming!

    While waiting in line check-in line for the Christian Siriano show, the Zac Posen and Tucker Blair PR posse had it out in a no holds barred screaming match. An insult here, a shove there, then the name dropping. As the show filled to capacity each of the camps bum-rushed the Paul Wilmot PR table doing check-in and proceeded to name drop just about everyone in the fashion bible. "I'm with Zac Posen!" "I'm a friend of Lizzie Grubman's!" "I have Paul Wilmots number!" "Filipa Fino, you know from VOGUE, and I are close!"It was, indeed, a fashion brawl at its finest. The rest of the tent stood in awe of the tiff, until one PR man from this no-name company, who I later found out was called Tucker Blair, dropped the end-all-be-all of name drops. "I'm a good friend of Anna Wintour's." He then proceeded to show his Blackberry to the PR desk, presumably showing Anna's contact information, and was swiftly let into the show.

    [Photo via French Connection].