Twestival 2011 In Way More Than 140 Characters

by SARAH JAFFE · March 25, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos by Alex Mora, and tag yourself and your friends.

    The yearly NYC Twestival event is an opportunity to raise money for nonprofits through use of the Social Media.  Hashable, Watchitoo, Roommate Happy Hour, FRS, Quintessentially, PopChips, Cheek'd, Liberty Travel, SnapGoods, and BarTab all took part in the event to support iMentor. Check out the pics from Stuio XXII!

    iMentor is a group that uses a combination of technology (like Skype and email) and real life visits to give inner city kids the chance to work with professionals. There was food, drinks, and a raffle that included the coveted iPad2!

    Twesival in the past has typically been mainly about Twitter, with this years stream run by Hashable. Hashable is a smart phone application which allows quick transfer of virtual business cards, notifications for when a member's friends join, and the ability to track connections.

    A live stream was hosted by Watchitoo, who interviewed guests and vips and filmed and broadcasted the event.