Twitteriffic Tweets: RIP Gen Art, Happy Post Cinco De Mayo

by Chiara Atik · May 6, 2010

    @caitlinmoe all it took was one day of intense practice to get my hickey back in full force. let the staring begin!

    - - @littleylittley Just met Will Forte @ 'LoversOfToday' (1 of the most underground bars)- he answered every question I had about #McGruber. He's the coolest.-

    - @asiddy Panchitos. One of the top 6 margs in the city, except we don't know which one.

    - @caro The menu tonight: fish tacos, BBQ-and-smoked-gouda quesadillas. There Will Be Twitpics.

    - -

    @nicknotned Just got fact-checked for an interview I gave ONE YEAR AGO. If this is gestation period for a mag piece, they're in real trouble.

    - @PeterDavisNYC Is sad that after 16 years of promoting young talent, Gen Art has shut down. R.I.P. Gen Art 1994-2010.

    - maliksochic If u put ur face pic as a wallpaper on ur bbewrry. People will turn it in and return your phome easily! Just happened to me! Thank you god