"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Everybody At This Party Wants To Kill You, Take 2

by Chiara Atik · July 26, 2010

    Something about Monday mornings makes us want to kill everyone, and thus we begin to see this same impulse in everyone. Are we projecting? Possibly. But it really does look like everyone who attended Girls & Boys at Webster Hall last Friday wanted to kill somebody.-


    We've noticed this disturbing pattern before. Is it being out with a bunch of drunk, grabby New Yorkers that makes everyone so unmistakably murderous?

    I think we can all agree that this girl looks like she will CUT a bitch.

    The girl on the left is contemplating a thousand deaths...for her friend.

    I'm sorry, did you want to START something?

    A hooded executioner.

    Going for the jugular.

    Picking a fight with YOU.

    He's definitely going to kill her.

    They want you dead. So they can suck your blood.


    On the prowl. For human flesh.

    Oh look, someone's actually killed someone.

    [All photos via NickyDigital]

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