Blair Waldorf Is Real-Life Olivia Palermo

by guestofaguest · January 25, 2008

    olivia & Blair

    [Photos from NYMag and gossipgirl-tv]

    Olivia Palermo and Blair Waldorf, together at last. Today's post on Izzy Gold, brought back a rush of memories from our summer affair with socialite Olivia Palermo. I can NOT believe I have not written more on how Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl IS real life Olivia Palermo (just a younger, richer, and preppier version). Omg it's UNREAL how similar (the hair, the style, the SKIN! the SKIN!). I was planning on just leaving this post at that.... Blair is Olivia. BUT THEN! EUREKA!! I found this awesome "How To" on wikiHow titled "How to be like Blair Waldorf". And well, I'll just let the steps speak for themselves:

    How to be like Blair Waldorf aka Olivia Palermo:

    Try getting blue contacts and dyeing your hair very dark brown. You can blow dry or straighten it, as long as it's healthy and shiny. Blair Olivia is 5"4, with blue eyes and straight brown hair or sometimes might do loose waves depending on the occasion

    Dress preppy, but also a little bit sexy. If you can, get designer brands - some of Blair's Olivia's favourites are Chloe, Marni, C&C California, Calvin Klein, True Religion, Seven, Dior, Habitual, and Missoni. Also, remember her favourite colour is shell pink, but she isn't obsessed with it - try to get a pink polo. Blair also loves cashmere, designer bags, and shoes.

    olivia’s style

    [Olivia at Bryant Park for Fashion Week]

    Be very smart and a perfectionist. Blair Olivia is at the top of her class, speaks French fluently, and excels at all of her subjects. Try not to ever fail anything. If you do, lock yourself in your room and feel sorry for yourself while watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

    Don't be afraid to be mean, but do it discreetly. this means freezing out other people and spreading nasty rumors.

    Do whatever you want to do, but don't mess up or embarrass yourself or your family! Drink, have sex, swear. Do whatever you want, but just don't be seen passing out or puking out of a taxi.

    Be popular, or at least be the head of your group

    ny mag’s #1 girl

    [#1 Socialite, Cover of NY Mag]

    Go to/throw a lot of parties and functions.

    Have a gorgeous preppy boyfriend. He doesn't have to be smart, but he has to be VERY sexy and desired, as well as very preppy. Bonus points if he's rich and loves sailing.

    olivia with boyfriend

    [Oliva with Boyfriend in Hamptons]

    Be a drama queen, but still remain cool. If your pissed off, make sure everyone else knows it! Know that you are always right. (Olivia's famous letter to the press: here)

    Go on lots of really nice vacations! Always insist on a great hotel, and don't go anywhere boring. Somewhere on the coast, or somewhere overseas/exotic is good.

    Olivia in Paris

    [Olivia in Paris via PAP]

    And Finally:

    ALWAYS get what you want, no matter what you have to do to get it.

    Uncanny similarities NO??! (Seriously though: does anyone know where little Olivia has been lately?)

    XOXO, GG

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