Chloe Sevigny, Rachel Hunter, Mario Batali at Vito Schnabel's BRUCENNIAL Party

by SUSANNAH LONG · March 4, 2010

    [all photos by Will Ragozzino for PMc]

    Last night, Vito Schnabel hosted a private celebration in SOHO for the BRUCENNIAL 2010. Among the partygoers were Chloe Sevigny, Terry Richardson, Rachel Hunter, Mario Batali, Stella and Julian Schnabel , Yvonne Force Villareal, Arden Wohl, Chelsea Leyland, and Casey and Vincent Fremont. Alexandra Richards deejayed, and Paul Longo, lounged. Fun was had by all.

    Between walls crowded with art, guests showed off their dance moves on a floor studded with abstract sculptures and a pair of giant neon yellow-pants. Now in its third year, the BRUCENNIAL (yes, I'm pretty sure I have to keep capitalizing it) boasts 420 artists from 911 countries working in 666 disciplines. The Bruce High Quality Foundation positions the event as a more democratically-curated alternative to the Whitney Biennial; name recognition won't get anyone a better spot within the exhibition hall, and the space is bursting with artwork from creatives both rookietastic and grizzled.

    This year the the BRUCENNIAL's theme is "Miseducation" - familiar! 2010 also marks the first year that the exhibition's showing in Manhattan, so ride your sparkly art unicorn down to 350 West Broadway for a deluge of modern, hip work. But saddle Lady Sugarhoof quickly; the show closes on April 4th.

    Arden Wohl Chelsea Leyland

    Tony Shafrazi, Alberto Mugrabi     Yvonne Force Villareal. . .

    Let's get a closer look at Yvonne's POV, shall we?


    Casey Fremont, Vincent Fremont, Shelly Fremont

    Alexandra Richardson                    Todd Moscowitz, Susan Kirschbaum

    Oh, Schnabels.

    Jacqueline Schnabel                       Terry Richardson, Arden Wohl

    Chloe Sevigny, Erin Krause, Mirabelle Marden

    Mysterious Gams were also in attendance . . .

    As were many frolickers. Zaria Foreman, Joe Jay

    Everyone was quite straightforward.