Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Uncle Steve gives a big birthday shout out to our editor, she blushed, then called him and listened to him recount his dating life, a great way to end the week! [Goodnight Mr. Lewis]

    Rihanna's hero: Ghostface Killah releases track in support of Rihanna [Salon]

    Subway posters go political, is "Poster Boy" up to his tricks again? [NYPost]

    Upper East Side restaurant Park Avenue Winter offers free food to anyone dressed up as a "Gossip Girl" (this sounds like a ploy to attract to young school girls...creepy) [Gothamist]

    Diane Von Furstenberg knows how to get things done: it's all about multi-tasking [CityFile]

    Graffiti artists put an effort out to  promote "The Watchmen" but can't even spell the title correctly [ANIMAL]