Newsletter Giveaway: Get Cheek'd On Us And Find Your Next Heartthrob!

by guestofaguest · June 21, 2010

    Is it just our imagination, or are dating sites getting better and better? Cheek'd is a new site that draws on the concept of old-fashioned calling cards that you can give to strangers to show your interest. GofG is teaming up with Cheek'd to give five lucky GofG readers their own Cheek'd cards. SIGN UP NOW to win, and see below for details! Cheek’d makes introducing yourself to an intriguing stranger less intimidating by combining the charm of witty, old school calling cards with the power of the Internet.  At sign-up, members fill out a brief online profile and then receive, in the mail, a unique deck of flirtatious cards carrying cheeky pick-up lines. Whether you choose to drop one off discreetly or directly, they put the object of your interest on notice that you are ready to be pursued.  The recipient can then go online to and decide whether he or she would like to continue the chase!  A small fee buys you a set 50 clever cards with phrases such as "I just put all my drinks on your tab." or "Tag, you're it."  Each user has their own ID number on the back of each card, which ties back to their profile. It is a unique and painless way to meet new people and build on potential romantic connections.

    Five lucky GofG winners will get the chance to win their own Cheek'd cards. No more long questionnaires or bad match-ups.  Summer is arriving and love is in the air, so hurry and go HERE to sign up!