The Fashion Files: January 19, 2011

by Cary Randolph Fuller · January 19, 2011

    Today in the wide world of fashion on the world wide web, we keep debating "flatforms," LBJ orders pants on the phone, Sara Zucker takes street style below street level, and we need recommendations for gym bags that are tough on wear but easy on the eyes.

    1. Lily Kwong "is a 22-year-old sociology and urban studies major at Columbia, who is also a sometime fashion blogger and Elite model." Among other things. And now she has a seven-photo feature on The New York Times. Just another fashionista you'll love to hate. See below. [The Moment]

    2. Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy won't get the credit they deserve for designing Black Swan's costumes, especially disappointing considering how many Oscars the film is expected to pick up. [Fashionista]

    3. Glamour editrix Cindi Leive waxes poetic about spring's "flatform" shoe trend. We're still on the fence. What do YOU think? [Glamour]

    4. The fabulous Emerson MADE is making cheeky tee shirts, and we want to collect them all. [A Cup of Jo]

    5. GREAT MOMENTS IN PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY: Lyndon B. Johnson orders pants over the phone.  [GQ]

    6. Apparently LAX airport is the chic-est place on the West Coast. If only we could say that about Newark or LaGuardia... [College Fashion]

    7. Speaking of fashionable public transportation, Sara Zucker is now capturing (on camera) the stylish gents and ladies she spies on her morning commute. Yet another reason to invest in that convenient unlimited Metrocard. See below. [Sara Zucker]

    8. This glitter would make great eye shadow. [Veronica Loves Archie]

    9. Bing Bang is a cool made-in-NYC jewelry line designed by Anna Sheffield, and their sample sale starts TODAY. [Bing Bang]

    10. Ugg boots - the bane of every fashionista's existence - have been scientifically proven to cause foot fungus. But now what am I supposed to wear on my commute? [Styleite]

    11. Yesterday we were crazy for the color green; today it's all about red. Because Candy Pratts Price says it is. (See below.) [Vogue]

    12. Karl Lagerfeld is slated to design three new bottle labels for Coca-Cola Light. Will only be available in Europe, beginning in April. [WWD]

    13. Hey, dudes! Red Wing boots are so last season. The new must-have footwear for the fashionable lumberjack is the Yuketen boot. And yes, technically the crepe-soled utility shoe looks exactly like a Red Wing, but it isn't; so go buy it! You'll feel great knowing that your feet sport the stars of the Capsule trade show. [Alexander Grant]

    14. A photo of Miranda Kerr nursing her infant son is quickly making the rounds, but we're most impressed with her red lipstick. Because what new mother has the time or energy to apply lipstick? Supermodels, of course. Only supermodels. [The Cut]

    15. Mark your calendars! Tracy Reese is serving cocktails to shoppers to raise money for Haiti. [Pulsd]

    16. Alexander Wang takes another giant leap toward corporate culture by releasing his first print ad campaign, not too long after hiring his company's first president. "Complete with toothpaste hair," of course. [Refinery29]

    17. For the style-conscious gearheads and Camelot disciples... Jackie Kennedy's Cadillac is on the auction block. The "Jacqueline coupe" is expected to fetch 200,000 to 3,000,000 euros. [Avenue Insider]

    18. More news about hot cars: Four experimental fashion designers' hand-built reinterpretations of classic Benzes. Sponsored by the automaker and Antwerp's fashion museum MoMU. Are station wagons the hot new accessory? [Cool Hunting]

    19. Of a Kind, the much-beloved store that runs on Tumblr, is bringing new friends together in really serendipitous ways. And this is yet another nod to fashionable commutes. Go figure. (Of a Kind trinkets to the left.) [Quick & Curious]

    20. Looking for a great work-to-gym-to-play bag? A reader of my style blog is on the hunt, and today I suggested a few totes from L.L.Bean's Signature Collection. Have any recommendations? Let us know!! [Fresh Every Day]

    Your daily shoe shot comes courtesy of (In) Decorous Taste and soundly shoots down claims that gratuitous spikes and over-embellished heels are passe. We would wear these...especially in dark alleys late at night. [High Snobette]

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