The Premiere of FlipMe!: Roadside Bomb Dating

by AVERY SPOFFORD · July 8, 2010

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    Last night, guests gathered at the Kimberly Hotel on Manhattan's East Side to welcome the newest addition to the online dating scene -- FlipMe! dating.

    New Yorkers of all ages enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and cocktails while getting to know each other and the FlipMe! dating system. The rooftop lounge at the Kimberly, with its spacious patio and accommodating bar, proved to be the perfect place for guests to mix and mingle.

    FlipMe! combines traditional dating with a web site that takes some of the guesswork out of the potentially-awkward first date. Singles (or, you know, those who aren't) can sign up online for an account that comes with a set of little red  FlipMe! cards (30 for $24.99). Members then hand out the cards to prospective dates at bars, restaurants, the gym, wherever, and anyone who receives a card can then log in for free and connect with their almost-missed-connection. Cards read "I've said 'what if ...' too many times. Not this time," and include the web address of FlipMe! and the card-giver's personal code.

    FlipMe! certainly lessens the risk of rejection and seems like a good( ... ish) option for extremely shy singles. The service's site, however, offers some suggestions for "How To Flip" that make the process sound more like a desperate last-ditch suicide dating effort than a suave, mysterious pickup tactic:

    (Note: These are legitimately from FlipMe!'s site. Whether or not they are completely serious is up for debate).

    The Flip-and-Run

    A flipper that approaches someone without any discussion, drops off a card and is on their way.

    Pro: Great for shy daters.

    Con: If you are too quick in your approach, they won't see what you look like. That sort of defeats the purpose.

    The Slick Slider

    A flipper that cooly (emphasis added) takes out their card, places it on a bar and slides it down to the person they are attracted to.

    Pro: The unique delivery may impress the person.

    Con: A wet spot can slow your card down and it will never get there.

    The Heave-and-Hope

    A flipper that exchanges glances with someone from across the room and makes the long toss over.

    Pro: A crowded room or over-protective friends are no match for the heave-and-hope.

    Con: Your card could end up in the wrong hands. Not advised for windy or air-conditioned venues.

    The Wingman Flip

    A flipper hands a card over to a friend to deliver.

    Pro: Makes it easy to just sit back and take in the action.

    Con: Your friend could be packing cards of their own and do a switcheroo.

    The Rogue Flipper

    A flipper waits until the person isn't looking or has momentarily left an area (i.e. their dining table) and then drops off a card.

    Pro: Besides getting your card into someone's hand, there really isn't any benefit. At least try the flip-and-run!

    Con: The person won't have any idea who gave them the card ... reducing the chance of any connection.

    Serial Flipper

    A flipper gives out cards like they're Halloween candy.

    Pro: You increase your chances of making a connection.

    Con: It's not Halloween -- flippees won't appreciate the gesture if they see you giving everyone a card.