Would You Rather: Date Jeremy Piven Or John Mayer?

by guestofaguest · March 6, 2008


    Last night, we felt "Cool" at dinner at Gemma. There were Euros speaking random languages, some fancy wine from 1997, and....Jeremy Piven with one of his real life homeboys from his own personal Entourage. Wow Ari? Eating across from us, looking so normal. "Cool". When we later bumped into him AGAIN for the second time in one night at Rose Bar, we started to realize just how small this town was, and wonder how all these scruffy, middle aged men get to being so hip. What did they all look like in their 20's? Were they geeks like we imagine them to be. Minutes later, John Mayer walked in with an unidentifiable woman in a hat. He was in a cashmere baby blue sweater and looked exactly how I always imagined he would look in real life. Hot. So then my mind started wandering: "Would you rather be with Jeremy Piven, or John Mayer." On the one hand, it would be fun to be able to say you made out with Ari...but I imagine John could sway me to sleep with one rendition of "Your Body Is A Wonderland". For me it's no contest. What about this: Would you rather be with Ari Gold or Jeremy Piven? Anyone wanna play?

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