Your Summer 2010 Bucket List: 70 Things To Do Before Labor Day

by guestofaguest · August 9, 2010

    It happens every year: we tell ourselves that Summer two thousand-whatever is going to be the BEST summer ever, the summer we finally learn to surf, the summer we spend organizing tons of picnics and outings with our friends, the summer our tans meet epic, Tahitian proportions. And then, it's August, and we've done nothing. Every. Single. Year.-

    But this year  is going to be different! We have 28 days left til Labor Day. Let's cram as much into those 28 days as humanly possible. Let's jam pack the next few weeks with so much saturated summer fun that by the time Labor Day rolls around, we're thrilled summer is over, because we just can't take one more day of sun.

    Come on, guys.  We can do this.

    The Guest of a Guest Summer 2010 Bucket List

    Get a tan

    Finish War & Peace (or, just, a book)

    Go to a theatrical performance (either The Capeman at the Delacorte, or any of the 200 shows at the NY Fringe Festival)

    Finally give away those bags of clothes to Goodwill

    Attend a Jelly Pool Party

    Go for a hike

    Spend a day outside with Fashion Mags to be ready for Fall Trends (Fashion Week is only a few weeks away!)

    Learn to Paddle Board

    See Inception

    Brave the line at Shake Shack

    Do a vineyard tour of Long Island

    Ride The Cyclone at Coney Island

    Go check out The Bronx Zoo (just to say you've done it once)

    Go to Six Flags for the day.

    Go to a Yankee or a Mets Game

    Take advantage of a beer garden!

    Have a random encounter at a Mister Softee

    Skip work for a day

    Learn to surf

    Play Flashlight Tag in Central Park!!

    Go to an outdoor music festival

    Walk the Brooklyn Bridge (and get Ice Cream at the end!)

    Swim in the fountain at  Washington Square Park

    Check out the Botanical Gardens

    Bike down the Hudson, stopping for white wine in Battery Park City

    Trapeze lessons in Chelsea Piers

    Charter a sailboat, or if you're broke, take a water taxi

    Ride the carousel at Pier 62 (only $2 a ride!)

    Spend some quality time in an innertube

    Check out one of the nearby, Hamptons alternatives

    Drink a Pimms Cup at a polo game

    Eat lobster, or at least learn how to shuck your own oyster

    Have a Summer fling

    Do rooftop yoga

    Go to a fair/carnival and eat a funnel cake

    Sneak into a roof-top pool

    Take a cooking class to keep yourself warm with home-cooked food in the fall

    Have a Jersey-Shore themed party

    Hit up a P.S.1 Warm-Up Party

    Three scoops of Gelato while window shopping in SoHo

    Pick an OFFICIAL "Song of Summer 2010". Play it so often you get sick of it

    Have a picnic--a REAL one, with wine and grapes and brie and prosciutto.

    Establish your go-to-summer-drink of choice so you can order it when you want to be reminded of summer fun. (Ours? A Michelada: Beer, Hot Sauce, and salt!)

    Stay in a hotel for a night with your friends, order room-service.

    Go eat at the most touristy restaurant in Times Square

    Race sailboats with friends in Central Park

    Eat corn on the cob.

    Visit one of the many farmer's markets

    Sip an old-fashioned cocktail at The Speakeasy at 1220 Fifth Ave

    Take a night boat cruise and see the beautiful skyline!

    Get lost in The Ramble in Central Park

    Hike, rock climb, swim or kayak/canoe at Lake Valhalla (an hour north of NYC)

    Go see The Godfather in Little Italy, or Twelve Angry Men in Dumbo

    Attend a Jazz Age Party in Governor's Island (the next in August 28 and 29)

    Just pack up and GO to The Hamptons/Nantucket/Newport!

    Get caught in a sudden summer storm, and stay out there while everyone else runs for cover.

    Have a Nathan's Hot Dog

    Take one of those cheesy phone pictures of your legs and your book at a beach.

    Get really drunk off whiskey and sing Sea Chanties. (Oh, come on, that's cool.)

    The Bronx Barge Pool!

    Have a drink at the MET Rooftop Garden

    Go Skinny-Dipping at Gunnison Beach

    Invite your friends over for a Rooftop BBQ

    Have a Bright Blue (or Green Or Red) Polar Ice

    Learn to raise a mainsail and a jib

    Get a tattoo! (Maybe a temporary one.)

    Spend all day in an air conditioned movie theater, seeing back to back features.

    Find the city's best Ice Cream sandwiches (we love the one at Otto...)

    Take advantage of the end-of-season sales to stock up on clothes for next summer

    Go to Chinatown. Breathe in the smell. It's not summer in New York til you do.

    How many of these have you done, guys? We tallied up the GofG Office Count, and we got 46 things done, collectively. Looks like it's going to be a busy August!