Victoria Schweizer's Vane Gallery Grand Opening

by Tracey Lewis · October 13, 2011

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    Victoria Schweizer, a weather derivatives broker by day, exercises a far more creative right brain through her pop art. Her psychedelic portraits often caricature celebrities -- telling stories of pain, charm, masculinity, and influence. Last night, Victoria held a "grand opening" party for her latest pop-up venture, The Vane Gallery. 

    Guests were invited to view pieces from the contemporary artist's collection, which includes portraits of Michael Jackson, Keith Richards with Mick Jagger in the '60s, and Marilyn Monroe. Even though it was titled a Grand Opening party it’s actually been open to the public for six weeks and last night was the grand finale. She has already taken down her exhibit and it will be re-opened as a clothing store within 24 hours.

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