Our Five Favorite Rue McClanahan Moments

by Chiara Atik · June 3, 2010

    We're pretty broken up about the death of our favorite Golden Girl (by far! No offense, Betty White...), Rue McClanahan, and judging by the trending topics on Twitter, so are you. We worked through our sorrow by collecting our favorite Blanche/Rue moments, which only further reminded us of how ahead of her time and loveable she really was.-


    Most of our favorite moments were, of course, Blanche Devereaux moments, but we find it hard to separate the two, and apparently so did Rue.

    "Am I Blanche? She was an oversexed, man-crazy, vain Southern Belle from Atlanta-I'm not from Atlanta!"

    It was hard to pick only five moments (we are HUGE Golden Girl Fans), but here are our favorites...

    1. Blanche Supports Gay Marriage

    Gay Marriage isn't uniformly accepted in 2010, but in the early 80s, Blanche Devereaux, an older, SOUTHERN lady came around to the idea in a mere matter of minutes.

    2. Rue McClanahan Does A Strip Tease

    She wasn't always golden! In this clip, Rue gets the Mystery Science Theater Treatment for her 1968 movie, "Hollywood After Dark", in which she plays "an ambitious young woman who falls prey to exploitation by producers who chew ehr up, spit her out, and leave her to pursue a career as a stripper." You'll see more of Rue than you probably ever have before in this clip, as she's never been afraid to strut her stuff. (And the MST commentary, is, as always, pretty hilarious.

    3. Blanche Collects Lingerie For Needy, Sexy People

    Oh, Blanche. If only all nuns were like you...

    4. Blanche Teaches Rose How To Tango

    Blanche was totally the perfect roomate: the kind you forgive for sexiling you time and again because she'll lend you her clothes and give you advice on guys, kaftans, and of course dancing.

    And, our all time favorite...

    5. Golden Girls Sing Mr.Sandman

    Aw, Golden Girls. Thank you for being our friends.