What's On Casey Fremont's Holiday Wish List?

by Christie Grimm · November 25, 2020

    As the Executive Director of Art Production Fund, Casey Fremont is responsible for commissioning some of the coolest, most exciting public art projects - posting them up around the city and the country for all to enjoy! 

    As you'd imagine, the professional art lover and native New Yorker is beyond cool herself. 

    Curious what's on her holiday wish list this year? Us too!

    How do you celebrate the holidays?
    For me it’s all about home in NYC for the holidays. Last year my mom, sister and I had the most fun day uptown; checking out holiday windows, shoe shopping at Saks, visiting the tree and shops at Rockefeller Center, afternoon wine at L’Avenue. 

    We did all of the festive and corny things that real New Yorkers love to hate but what also secretly makes their hearts beat faster.

    Where will you be this season?
    I wish I knew, I wish I could plan... wherever I am, I’ll be wearing a mask and following science based guidelines because next year I definitely plan to be with every single one of my family and friends.

    Are you a last minute or way in advance shopper?
    Ugh, every year I’m determined to be an advanced shopper. And every year, I’m a last minute shopper. There’s something about the excitement and fury of the last minute search. Plus I’m terrible at keeping secrets, so it’s probably better I limit the number of days before I give a gift.

    What's the best gift you've ever given?
    I gave my husband a Tom Sachs x Noguchi lamp that I was pretty proud of myself for.

    What's on your list to get?
    OMG I honestly haven’t even thought about it. I hear from my family that I’m impossible to shop for, but my go-to Pangaia sweatsuits, Tod's shoes, or my favorite Dr. Barbara Sturm products are always a safe bet.

    What's on your list to give?
    Titanic Memorabilia and Garbage Pail Kids cards for one son, Nintendo Switch games for another son, a play kitchen for my baby. Technically these are on Santa’s list to give (wink wink).

    For adults, a chic, functional face mask might just be the gift of the season, I love the ones by Artipoppe and La Perla.

    [Photos via @caseyfremont, @tods]