Wildlife Conservation Society Gala 2011 Takes Over The Central Park Zoo

by Kirby Allison · June 13, 2011

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    The Wildlife Conservation Society treated guests to an evening at the Central Park Zoo Thursday night. Celebrating our favorite gentle giant, the elephant, party goers enjoyed drinks, dinner and dancing to the music of DJ Cassidy. A big fan of the Society's work, Sex and the City gal, Kristen Davis came out to show her support for the cause.

    The event highlighted the Society's work preserving the elephant population around the world and although the rain decided to show up mid-event, guests were ushered into a party tent so they could enjoy the event under cover. Davis, who has apparently taken up the hobby of elephant "hunting" (no guns involved..) explained why her involvement with the cause goes deeper than a love for animals. She tells the New York Times:

    "Ms. Davis, the 'Sex and the City' star, stood near the monkey enclosure at the Central Park Zoo on Thursday night and told us excitedly of stalking a baby elephant for three days across the lava flows of rural Kenya. Ms. Davis and some friends — including a publicist, naturally — were on safari when they heard about a wandering orphaned elephant. They decided to capture it and fly it to a pachyderm orphanage."

    Also on the list for the nights activities was a performance by two sea lions who made a splash as they performed tricks for the guest who sipped on Mojitos.

    Who Was There: Kristen Davis, Julie Wetherell, Paul Johnson Caldero, Ally Lewis, Kevin Coleman, Billy Fennebresque, Alexandra Wagle, Lizzie Edelman, Louisa Ruchter, Laura Laumont, Diana Garedinsky, Bill Cunningham, Alex Max, Anne Mears, Kat Otey, Ashley Passik, Lizzy Fraser, Arielle Patrick, Dylan Ryan, Alexa Hill and  Atossa Vakil.

    Kristen Davis

    Julie Wetherell, Paul Johnson Caldero

    Ally Lewis

    Kevin Coleman, Billy Fennebresque

    Alejandro Lorenzo, Greg Galloway

    Alexandra Wagle

    Lizzie Edelman, Louisa Ruchter, Laura Laumont

    Diana Garedinsky

    Bill Cunningham