Guest of a Guest Presents "You Should Know" NYC Week Two Powered By Samsung Galaxy

by guestofaguest · September 3, 2014

Guest of a Guest's You Should Know

Guest of a Guest rounded up NYC's most creative power players – from the worlds of fashion, art, media and beyond for a two day mega photo shoot at The Jane Hotel that turned into a party where every single person in the room is someone you should know. Check out the second set of people we think you need to have on your radar this year and come back each week for more!

[You Should Know Part One]

Thank you to photographer Ben Kulo for managing to bring out the best of his subjects during our back-to-back shots spanning over 9 hours (without once complaining).

Thank you to Beautified app and their amazing team of professionals on hand - the amazing hair and makeup teams at John Barrett Salon.

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