You Should Know: Andrea Mary Marshall

by guestofaguest · September 28, 2014

Andrea Mary Marshall is an NYC-based artist, originally from Boston, who's body of work mostly consists of self-portraits within photography, video, and painting mediums. From a viewer's perspective, trying to describe her aesthetic is rather difficult. It's: daring, transformative, revealing, provocative, and beautiful. Her art has landed her features in W Magazine, Into The Gloss, and Interview Magazine. Check out her site and read on to meet the woman behind the portraits.

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[Jeans by Acne, boots by St. Laurent]

Occupation: Artist Instagram/Twitter: @andrea_mary_marshall, @andreammarshall

"Never give up. Life is one."

Andrea Mary Marshall Questionnaire

What do you actually do all day? Make art! Drink coffee!

Favorite song growing up? Like a Prayer!

My biggest secret is... My middle name is not Mary... :)

Why do you live in NYC? I love it.

Uber, Taxi, Subway, or Citi Bike? Taxi!

My motto is... Never give up. Life is one.

My alter ego is... Gia Condo, Rosemary Myst, Loretta Minkx, Diabolical Donna, Marsha Floss, Flo, Maria Gonzalez, Veronica Guadalupe, etc., etc., etc.

The last drink I had was... Mother Earth from Juice Press!

My secret crush is... ??? Jeff Koons! ???

What was your first job? Fashion design.

If you had one day left to live in NYC what would you do? Go to MOMA!

Coming from? Going to? My Bushwick studio. Going to Chelsea.

What is your favorite work of art? The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau

Who should we know? Art world social media guru Susi Kenna.