You Should Know: Ian Sklarsky

by guestofaguest · September 12, 2014

Ian Sklarsky

In-demand artist Ian Sklarsky does blind contour drawings where he draws a line and his eyes never look the paper.

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Ian Sklarsky

Ian SklarskyIan SklarskyIan SklarskyIan Sklarsky

Occupation: Artist Instagram: @thesingleline

"Be in the now."

Ian Sklarsky Questionnaire

What do you actually do all day? Travel all around Manhattan and draw.

Favorite song growing up? Blackbox, "Everybody Everybody"

My biggest secret is... Well that wouldn't be a secret now - would it.

Why do you live in NYC? The constant understanding you really haven't seen it all...

Uber, Taxi, Subway, or Citi Bike? My bike, subway, the Uber.

My motto is... Be in the now.

My alter ego is... Japanese power girl.

The last drink I had was... Strongbow cider

My secret crush is... That one guy from that one movie...

What was your first job?

Coming from? Going to? Drawing - Drawing again.

What is your favorite work of art? The line work of Picasso.

Who should we know? Steve ShakeWell for Lounge DJ, Kyle Brincefield for studmuffin, Rizzo's for pizza, Marti Cummings for Drag