You Should Know: Jared Seligman

by guestofaguest · August 27, 2014

Jared Seligman

The BFF of all three Olsen sisters as well as local stars like Charlotte Ronson, dashing Jared Seligman not only sells apartments to the rich and fabulous but trots around the globe with them too.

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Jared Seligman [Custom suit, shoes by Barker Black, tie by Hermes, Dog cufflinks]

Jared SeligmanJared SeligmanJared SeligmanJared Seligman

Occupation: Real Estate Broker Instagram/Twitter: @jaredseligman

"My alter ego is myself before my coffee."

Jared Seligman Questionnaire

What do you actually do all day? Whatever my clients want!

Favorite song growing up? Pass

My biggest secret is… it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you!

Why do you live in NYC? Nowhere else I’d rather live!

Uber, Taxi, Subway or Citi Bike? Uber

My motto ispass

My alter ego is… myself before my coffee

Last drink I had was… aloe water

What was your first job? Public relations consultant

Coming from? Going to? Soho – Upper East Side

What is your favorite work of art? Any Gainsborough or Sir Thomas Jeannine

Who should we know? Animal Haven Shelter