You Should Know: Joe Trainer

by guestofaguest · October 23, 2014

Joe Trainer

Joe Trainer is really the ultimate trainer. Born in New York City and in high demand among celebrity, athlete, and fitness clientele, he is a house hold name amongst a tight-knit group of West Village locals. Earlier in his career, Joe was the head trainer at David Barton Gym in NYC, the fitness director at World Gym, and the fitness director at Printing House Fitness + Squash Club.  Now Joe works at his own space and his personal clients include an impressive list of notables: Celebrities Denzel Washington, Matthew Broderick, Liev Schreiber, Mary Kate Olsen, Taylor Schilling, musician Lenny Kravitz, artists Julian Schnabel, Luke Janklow, Fisher Stevens, boxing champions Aaron Davis, Nick Acevedo, executive Nancy Dunlapp, and our very own Rachelle Hruska and husband Sean MacPherson, among a ton of others. Joe's landed features on FOX News for his 5-Minute Workout, The New York Times, as well as NY1 News. For more fitness information, be sure to check out his site and read here for more reasons to know him!

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Joe TrainerJoe Trainer

Occupation: Exercise Specialist/Studio Owner Instagram/Twitter: @joetrainer1, @joetrainer

"Can't isn't a part of my vocabulary."

Joe Trainer Questionnaire

What do you actually do all day? Business building/training clients

Favorite song growing up? Love way too many songs to answer that question

My biggest secret is... Meeting my dad at the DMV

Why do you live in NYC? The people, restaurant, and living in the best city in the world

Uber, Taxi, Subway, or Citi Bike? Skateboard

My motto is... Can't isn't a part of my vocabulary.

My alter ego is... Jackie Robinson

The last drink I had was... White wine.

What was your first job? Volunteer, summer youth working with the elderly

Coming from? Going to? The Bronx to infinity

What is your favorite work of art? All friends - Cecily Brown, Julian Schnabel, and Will Cotton