You Should Know: John Robshaw and Clare Gidwitz

by guestofaguest · October 1, 2014

Clare Gidwitz, John Robshaw

John Robshaw is the talented, successful designer behind John Robshaw Textiles, a collection of gorgeous designs and merchandise for the home. On his site, John explains that he "fell in love with the local artisans fabric-making traditions" upon traveling to India, to which he draws inspiration from. Clare Gidwitz is an art dealer at Gagosian Gallery, which exhibits some of the coolest artists to date. As a couple, John and Clare are two artistic talents you should definitely know.

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More John HERE.

Clare Gidwitz, John RobshawClare Gidwitz, John Robshaw [Reformation, Prada, Billy Reid, John Robshaw, Paul Smith, Massimo Dutti, Rolex]

Occupations: John: Designer, Clare: Art dealer at Gagosian Twitter/Instagram: @claregid, @johnrobshaw

John: "The dude abides." Clare: "Always be nice and excited about life!"

John Robshaw Questionnaire

Clare Gidwitz Questionnaire


What do you actually do all day? Design stuff, go to meetings, lunch at noon.

Favorite song growing up? "We Will Rock You" Queen

My biggest secret is... I don't want to work so much.

Why do you live in NYC? Great art, people, etc...

Uber, Taxi, Subway, or Citi Bike? Subway

My motto is... "The dude abides."

The last drink I had was... Soju with grapefruit with Clare

My secret crush is... Amy Brenneman

What was your first job? Drugstore stock boy

Coming from? Going to? Lower east side - Tangiers next

Who should we know? Spencer Barksdale, Polo Jeans fellow


What do you actually do all day? Talk to people about art, read about art, look at art!

Favorite song growing up? Whitney Houston, "How Will I Know"

My biggest secret is... I love to sleep.

Why do you live in NYC? My work, my friends, my sisters.

My motto is... Always be nice and excited about life!

My alter ego is... Ralph, my boyfriend knows what this means.

The last drink I had was... Grapefruit soju

My secret crush is... JEFF BRIDGES!

What was your first job? At a hat store on Martha's Vineyard

Coming from? Going to? Chelsea, going to Tangier with John.

What is your favorite work of art? Fantana Slash paintings.

Who should we know? My sisters Jamee and Lydia.