You Should Know: Nur Khan

by guestofaguest · October 17, 2014

Nur Khan

Nur Khan, owner and Creative Director of Electric Hospitality, is one of the most recognizable names in NYC nightlife. He is a recently-named partner at McCarren Hotel & Pool, and the "mastermind" behind Electric Room, Sway, Hiro, the Rose Bar, and more. His first major breakthrough came when he opened Wax, New York's first "Ultra-VIP" lounge, "and has since set the industry standard for social destinations that show the essence of New York nightlife," as explained on hisĀ personal site. Nur and his career ventures have been featured in Interview Magazine, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and more, while his online journal gives us an inside look at his fascinating lifestyle. To keep up with NYC's nightlife and all things Nur Khan, continue reading!

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Nur KhanNur Khan [Barbados, Lazaro Diaz jewelry]

Occupation: Hospitality - Hotels and all included... Alchemist Instagram/Twitter: @nurkhan, @nurkhan1

"Conceive - Believe - Achieve!!"

Nur Khan Questionnaire

What do you actually do all day? Way too many emails!! Meetings, program, mixed martial arts, McCarren Hotel & Pool, Electric Room

Favorite song growing up? "Sway" by the Rolling Stones

My biggest secret is... Well I can't tell you that can I?

Uber, Taxi, Subway, or Citi Bike? UBER!

My motto is... Conceive - Believe - Achieve!!

The last drink I had was... Sake...the only thing I drink!

My secret crush is... Wouldn't be a secret...

What was your first job? Dishwasher at 13

Coming from? Going to? Williamsburg - McCarren Hotel & Pool to Chelsea - Electric Room at Dream Downtown

What is your favorite work of art? Two very large skull spin paintings that Damien Hirst and I painted together. I get to look at them everyday at home!