You Should Know: Rebecca Hessel Cohen and Dean Isidro

by guestofaguest · October 24, 2014

Rebecca Hessel Cohen, Dean Isidro

Rebecca Hessel Cohen is the founder and designer behind LoveShackFancy, a gorgeous collection of womenswear inspired by Rebecca's love affair "with all things beach, starting with her family's Hamptons home" and growing as the her vision for her wedding dress came to fruition. Later, in 2013, LoveShackFancy launched in stores. The collection has caught the attention of numerous publications, including The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, Hamptons, Refinery29, People Stylewatch, and more. We're absolutely obsessed with her designs: from slip dresses to ruffle dresses, lace tops, mini skirts, and more. Prior to her role as a designer, Rebecca worked as a Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine. Alongside Rebecca is Dean Isidro, a super-talented photographer and D.i.P dyer, who admits his feet have turned blue from his obsession with indigo dyeing! Dean's gorgeous and extensive photo portfolio, as well as D.i.P. mercantile, can be found on his site, while the behind-the-scenes of his career can be found on his Instagram. We can't get enough of Rebecca and Dean, and we're absolutely certain you should know them!

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Rebecca Hessel Cohen, Dean IsidroRebecca Hessel Cohen, Dean Isidro [LoveShackFancy, Balenciaga, Nicholas Kirkwood, RRL, D.I.P. Dye, Converse] Occupations: Rebecca: Founder and Designer at LoveShackFancy. Dean: Photographer/Indigo D.I.P. Dyer Instagram/Twitter: @becknyc, @loveshackfancy, @deanisidro, @deanonized

Rebecca: "It's always summer somewhere!" Dean:  "A D.I.P. a day keeps the doctor away."

Rebecca Hessel Cohen Questionnaire

Dean Isidro Questionnaire


What do you actually do all day? A lot! Work, play, and love my life.

Favorite song growing up? I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

My biggest secret is... I'm not 5 foot 8!

Why do you live in NYC? Born and raised. It's my home. Wouldn't live anywhere else!

Uber, Taxi, Subway, or Citi Bike? UBER!

My motto is... It's always summer somewhere!

My alter ego is... A bohemian, a warrior, a moon goddess

That last drink I had was... Rose, obviously.

My secret crush is... Tim Rigging

What was your first job? Fashion intern at Vogue.

Coming from? Going to? From: A photo shoot. To: The beach.

What is your favorite work of art? Arthur Elgorts 3 Italian girls; it hands above my bed.

Who should we know? Girls I Know by Jen Steele.


What do you actually do all day? Crush quad expressos

Favorite song growing up? Still growing up but on 20 year repeat- "Take It To The Limit" Eagles

My biggest secret is... I have blue feet from my obsession with indigo dyeing.

Why do you live in NYC? Do people live in other cities?

Uber, Taxi, Subway, or Citi Bike? Yellow Cab

My motto is... A D.I.P. a day keeps the doctor away.

My alter ego is... I don't think I have one.

The last drink I had was... Arnold Palmer

My secret crush is... The girl next to me.

What was your first job? Cabana boy.

If you had one day left to live in NYC what would you do? A) I'd be very sad! But Zipline from the Empire State to Chrysler Building

Coming from? Going to? MIA - NYC

What is your favorite work of art? "Flag" Jasper Johns

Who should we know? Broods