You Should Know: Stephen Cheuk

by guestofaguest · October 16, 2014

Stephen Cheuk

Australian-born Stephen Cheuk is a prevalent figure in New York City's fitness industry, having created S10 Fitness, a program that stresses reducing a client's body fat percentage and generating overall strength transformations. Stephen's trained pro athletes, celebrities, fashion executives, and military elites, through the program's chic Tribeca gym spot. Pulling from his education in health and nutrition, Stephen and S10 Fitness utilize proven health methods, like encouraging an organic diet, to help clients reach their goals. For more about Stephen (including his bad-ass alter ego!) continue reading.

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Occupation: Gym owner and fitness professional Instagram/Twitter: @stephencheuk, @s10training, @s10training

"No regrets."

Stephen Cheuk Questionnaire

What do you actually do all day? Work.

Favorite song growing up? INXS - Need You Tonight.

My biggest secret is... My past.

Uber, Taxi, Subway or Citi Bike? Bike

My motto is... No regrets

My alter ego is... Bruce Lee

The last drink I had was... Margarita

My secret crush is... Emily Ratajkowski

What was your first job? Kitchen hand

Coming from? Going to? Nothing to something

What is your favorite work of art? Anything Jose Parla

Who should we know? Lina Viktor