You Should Know: Swimwear Designer John Glass

by guestofaguest · October 10, 2014

John Glass

John Glass is the hip new designer behind GLASS, one of our favorite made-in-NYC swimwear lines that debuted last spring. The born and bred New Yorker split his time between Martha's Vineyard and London while growing up, and decided to put his design genius into swimwear after teaching himself how to properly tailor. With bold prints and super cool designs, Glass revealed the inspiration behind his line to last year. “I kept thinking, What would both Gianni Agnelli and Jean-Michel Basquiat wear [to the pool]?” said Glass. He wanted people to "wear them anywhere you want to be happy, from a sailboat in the Mediterranean to a hot day in NYC." Read on for more reasons to know him!

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John Glass

Occupation: Owner/Designer at GLASS Instagram/Twitter: @GLASS_NYC

John Glass Questionnaire

What do you actually do all day? Design prints, patterns, and media for NY swimwear brand.

Favorite song growing up? "Victory" by Puff Daddy.

My biggest secret is... I can barely drive a car.

Why do you live in NYC? Because I can barely drive!

Uber, Taxi, Subway or Citi Bike? Walk!

My motto is... Say yes to everything.

My alter ego is...A grown up.

The last drink I had was... Scotch and soda.

My secret crush is... I only have eyes for my girlfriend.

What was your first job? Brand Image and Marketing at Tom Ford.

If you had one day to live in NYC what would you do?Breakfast at Guggenheim, lunch at Four Seasons, dinner at La Grenouille, warehouse party in BK.

Coming from? Going to? One bedroom to townhouse.

What is your favorite work of art? Right now it's "Excavation" by de Kooning, though it's always changing.

Who should we know? Mario Milana. He makes the coolest furniture and will be huge soon.