You Should Know: Warby Parker Founder Neil Blumenthal

by guestofaguest · November 28, 2014

Neil Blumenthal

Neil Blumenthal is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Warby Parker, the eyeglass brand offering designer eyewear at an affordable cost. In 2013, Neil was featured as one of "40 Under 40" businessmen on Crain's.

You should also know his wife: Rachel Blumenthal.

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Neil BlumenthalNeil BlumenthalNeil BlumenthalNeil Blumenthal

Occupation: Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Warby Parker Instagram/Twitter: @neilblumenthal

"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself," -Andy Warhol.

Neil Blumenthal Questionnaire

What do you actually do all day? Go to meetings.

Favorite song growing up? Hall & Oats, "Maneater"

My biggest secret is... See previous answer.

Why do you live in NYC? 1) It's my hometown 2) Bagels 3) The Chrysler Building at night

Uber, Taxi, Subway, or Citi Bike? CitiBike

My motto is... An Andy Warhol quote. "They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

My alter ego is... "The little boy from Jerry McGuire.

The last drink I had was... A nice refreshing glass of lukewarm tapwater to wash down the Trader Joe's trail mix.

My secret crush is... My Co-CEO, Dave Gilboa (awkward?)

What was your first job? Failed entrepreneur. Eight years old.

If you had one day left to live in NYC what would you do? Have an adventure in Central Park with my wife Rachel and my son, Griffin.

Coming from? Going to? Coming from meetings, going to more meetings.

What is your favorite work of art? Hall & Oats, "Maneater"

Who should we know? Jeff Raider, co-founder and co-CEO of Harrys (and co-founder of Warby Parker).